Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm not going anywhere!!!

This week has been crazy. We went to the temple and while we were in San Jose the road back to provinica limon was closed and the other route that takes 5 hours was closed too. So we went to Hna Corrales' old area and while we were on our way there they opened the 5 hour route and the rest of our zone got on a bus but we had permission to stay in San Jose and take the bus in the morning. So we did divisions with the Hermanas that are there. Then we slept in a different house and we literally did not have anything because we didn’t know we weren’t going home. No clothes. No toothbrush. Nada. So we didn’t get to shower or brush our teeth for 2 days. Then on our way back home we had to stop off in Guaplies because we had slept there the night before we went to San Jose to get our stuff and get some baptismal clothing from our zone leaders and one of our zone leaders asks me ¨Hermana Gibson, are those the same clothes you were wearing yesterday?¨ and I am like actually yes, and the first time I brushed my teeth since yesterday morning was 5 minutes ago and it is 2 in the afternoon, and he goes, hermana why, that is so so gross. haha and I am just like uhhh thank you?
I guess you are all wondering. We survived cambios. I am still here in Guácimo with Hna Corrales for this next change. But she is now the Hna Especilista. I think that is so cool but she is freaking out a little bit. They closed one of the areas in our area so now we are only 4 missionaries in our.... wait for it.. wait for it... WARD!!!! Yesterday we had branch conference and they told us that we are no longer the Guácimo branch and that we are now the Guácimo ward! So exciting. So our branch president was sustained as the Bishop and all of the other necessary changes took place. SO so so awesome! Also, our church attendance has been through the roof these past 2 Sundays. It is usually down around 90ish and we have had 156 for the past 2 Sundays. So so awesome.
We had 2 baptisims yesterday. I know I spelled that wrong but I don’t know how to spell in English anymore. Who am I kidding, I never knew how to spell in English. haha but anyhow Duarner and Brittany were baptized and Kevin, Duarner, and Brittany were all confirmed yesterday and ahh it was so great.
I know that you are all seeing photos of my everytime I am around my bishop’s wife. She is absolutely great and I love her. I think the last one she sent was either of me washing the dishes in her house yesterday or making a cake in the church with Karen and her family. haha but I honestly love my mission and my area so so much.
Ohh funny story, when we were finally back in our house after not being home for 2 days we were both so tiered because we had slept for only 3 hours for 2 nights in a row and so hna corrales was sleeping and I was trying to write in my journal and there was what I thought was a moth in the house so I turned around to look at it and it was a BAT! So naturally I screamed bloody murder and Hna Corrales who had been asleep for like 15 minutes at this point gets ticked and it like WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? so I tell her and she says I am going to turn of the light and we are going to go to sleep. okay? okay. She turns off the light and I slept in the fetal position under my comforter even though it was like 8 million degrees in our house.
Embarrassing moment... hmmm which one to choose. haha because there are always a ton of them... lets see. oh I know! So we were walking in San Jose with a group of missionaries and I had like 2 bags and they were both really heavy and one was rubbing on my skirt but I didn’t feel anything strange about it and then all of this sudden one of the elders walks up behind me and in Spanish because he doesn’t speak English tells me that my bag has pulled my skirt up and you can see like my total backside and my garments and what not. So I die. I stop dead in the middle of the street and take off my bags and fix my skirt while my face is I am sure as red as a tomato and then the Elder asked if he could carry one of my bags so that didn’t happen again. Of course I said yes... but yeah... typical Brooke for ya.
Hoy tenemos que tomar un bus para San Jose because Hna Corrales fell when we were getting off a bus the other night and she cant walk, literally can’t walk so we made divisions yesterday and I went with a girl named Yasmin to teach and Hna Corrales stayed with Hna Anna and read her scriptures. So we are going to the doctor.
I had more to say but I don’t have any time and I only have a few photos this week because y'all know that I always forget to take photos.

I love all y'all so so much!

Hermana Gibson

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