Monday, September 15, 2014

I can't believe that I will have to leave this place one day!

So I have about 30 minutes to email today because we are in San Jose again. We had our one month meeting with President and ate lunch at his house. 
I wrote a list of things that I want to email about again so I am just going to rapid fire these things and I hope that nobody gets confused. 
The other day for the first time I had arroz con leche and that was so so so good. For my birthday I am asking for arroz con leche. 
Embarrassing moment of the week... so it was raining (as usual) and it always floods in front of our house when it rains and so we were walking home and it was dark and all of this sudden I was on my rear end in the middle of this puddle of water that was more mud than anything and Hermana Corrales pulls out her camera and starts taking pictures. Haha our neighbors were having a party and everyone was outside. Awesome yeah! The worst part was we weren’t even coming home for the night because it was only like 7ish but we just needed to grab something and then head to our next lesson so I had to change super quick and then put my hair up and throw on a headband and just go to our next 2 appointments covered in mud... but they sure did get a kick out of the story and the photos. 
Saturday night we had a huge miracle. We were kind of lacking in the numbers area for the week that ends on Saturday and then we were sitting there and we got a call from a man who we haven’t had a lesson with and have only taught his wife once and he said that they know they need to get baptized and married because they don’t know what else they can do but they know that the gospel is the only thing that can help them in their lives right now. So now they have a date to get married and baptized on wait for it.. wait... OCTOBER 11th!!! You could say that I am more than  a little bit excited. 
We also have a wedding and my first baptism on Saturday and you could say I am excited. I love Miseal and I am so happy for him so next week be expecting photos of that. 
Today is dia del independencia and it is so cool! This is not my home country but I feel a strange since of pride for Costa Rica and I love this country and the people here so so much. Something cool is that they have a torch that goes throughout all of Central America and yesterday we were walking and we got to see the people in our area running with the torch. Something cool is that Hermana Corrales' little brother got to run with the torch in corranado where she is from. How awesome is that?  
I promised more photos this week so I am sending quite a ton. I am sending a photo of my zone and lots more. 

Y'all are all so great and I love each and every one of you so very much!

 Hermana Gibson

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