Monday, September 8, 2014

Super Short and No Photos! Have a great week!

So I don't actually have a lot to say this week and this week I have way more time than usual because I actually get to have my full hour and a half. 
I don’t actually have very many photos to share either because we stayed in the rough parts of our area most of the week so we don't take anything of value with us. 
I want to share an awesome experience that we had a few days ago. We went to visit Karen and her family and we asked Karen how she felt at church on Sunday and she said that she has never felt anything like that before. It was seriously so amazing. 
At church yesterday we had 126 people! The chapel was so full that the missionaries sat outside the chapel with the doors open so we could hear but it was raining so hard that we couldn’t actually hear anything. Ha-ha
Today we are in San Jóse for PDay because our zone (the best zone in my opinion) did super well last month so Hna Wilkinson made us breakfast this morning and we have permission to go to whatever part of San Jóse... except for my companion and I. We can’t go to corranado because she is from corranado so she can't go close to her house. 
So we went to this place called Price Mart. It is like sams club... it basically is sams club. There are so many things there that I want to buy but I cant because it would not be good by the time we get back to Guácimo. I mean food. I did however buy a HUGE box of goldfish! I am super excited! The food we have is super unhealthy for you. The only thing we ever eat is carbs and meat. Literally... Oh and banano.
We eat so much of it too. The people in our area don't know how to show their love in any other way than by feeding us. Yesterday we had 4 appointments with food and at each on of them I ate more than I would in any normal day in total. I love the people here but I have gained more weight than I care to know. 
The other day Kevin, one of our investigators asked me to pray in English so I did... it was so so so HARD! I kept stumbling over my words because I literally have not said a prayer in English in more than 8 weeks. Ha-ha I kept having to stop to process what I was going to say next. Even a few words still came out in Spanish. Oops
I wish I had a photo to send this week so I will just send one or 2 from the weeks past. If I have already sent it please forgive me. I don’t really know what I send. Ha-ha
Anyhow, I love Costa Rica. I love the people. I love my mission. I love my companion. I love everything about this work. I know for sure that this gospel is true and I know for sure that this is where I am supposed to be. I am incredibly blessed to be a part of this great work. I didn't understand what people meant when they talked about their missions and how special it is but I don't think that you can understand until you feel it for yourself. It is a special experience that I would not trade for anything. 
Never forget that I love y'all and the Heavenly Father loves each and every single one of you. 
Well I was going to send some old photos but I actually cant because the computer I am at does not work with external devices. How sad. I will be in a our normal place and I know for sure that the computers there work and I will have more photos to send. 

Love y'all!

Hermana Gibson

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