Monday, September 22, 2014

I have so much to say and NO time to say it in. Sorry

Ahh so many things to say and I only have 30 minutes.
Most embarrassing moment of the week- I was talking to my district leader giving him our numbers for the day and always the phone is on speaker phone on both ends and the zone leaders were at the elders house for the day and they started talking and they weren’t listening to me and I needed to tell my district leader about the wedding that Hna Corrales and I have for October 11th so I said ¡Elder Chub EscĂșcheme necesitamos planear nuestra boda! and then it just got real quiet and I didn’t understand why and then Elder Chub was like ummm Hermana... Otra Vez.... and then Hna Corrales started to die laughing and the zone leader and Elder Chub and oh it was awful. So what I said to him was Listen to me! We need to plan our wedding! Meaning as if it were his and my wedding... oops. haha So that happened. 
I left my hairdryer on the floor by accident yesterday and when I came home from church there was a huge long line of ants going from the door of our house to my hair dryer... so I turned it on and I think a million on one ants flew out of my hair dryer and eggs and the whole nine yards. Turns out they had built their house inside my hair dryer... again.. oops. haha
I had my first 2 baptisms on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was literally the longest day of my entire life... seriously. The devil does not want us to do things that are good so obviously there are going to be challenges when we have a wedding and then right after a baptism. So the road that most people use to get from San Jose to here because it is the fastest was closed for 2 days because there was a rock slide and there were 26 boulders in the road so our lawyer said that he was not going to come the other way even if we paid the gas money because he didn’t want to drive for 4 hours. So we spent all morning trying to find a lawyer here in Limon and everyone was so expensive and then we finally found one and sent him everything he needed and the other lawyer called and said that he was on his way and he was going to drive the 4 hours and we didn’t have to pay the gas money so we were like uhh okay. 
Miseal and Nelly got married and then Miseal was baptized and confirmed yesterday. Then Kevin was baptized after church yesterday. I love them both so so much! The rest of Kevin’s family is going to be baptized this coming Sunday and I am so excited for them! 
One of our investigators died. Her name was Sonia and she was a super sweet lady. It is sad but I know that families can be together forever and I am so glad for that knowledge. 
We found a new family to teach! It was so so so cool. We were teaching one of our investigators and she had a friend over and we taught the entire plan of salvation and at the end I was asking which step they are on in their lives and her friend was like I think I was baptized in your church. Like in a river or something a long time ago. You guys are Mormons right? and we are like umm yes. and he said that he was 12 and he is 33 now but he has a family and he loved to read the book of Mormon with them but then the moved out really fast and they lost it. So he asked us if we had one he could have and if we could come teach his family and we were like uhh of course we can! Ahh the miracles that I am seeing are unreal. 
I have no more time but I want to upload photos and that will take a while so I am not going to say much more. I am so so so sorry that I didn’t send very many personal emails today but I just want all of you to know that I love ya’ll so so so much and that I know with out a doubt that this is the work of God and that this is the Lords church. 

Pura Vida!

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