Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whats up Y'all

I am in a pretty good mood today and I have got plenty of time so I may write a lot. I still haven't quite decided.
First, I hope all is going well. I love you all.
Embarrassing moment: This week has been full of them.... but FULL! It turns out that I am better at embarrassing myself in a city with lots of people than I am in a small town. One example, yesterday we were having a lesson with a recent convert in a store that she works in and a bunch of gringos walk in... Grecia is a big touristy town for some reason... and they start talkin to the member in english and she just looks at me with these huge eyes of terror and tells me to ask them what they want. So I kindly translate for her and tell her that he is trying to buy sunglasses and then she tells me that that are 5,900 colones and that they come with the box and that they have a lifetime warranty and so forth. So I look at this Canadian man directly in the eye and tell him exactly when she just told me... In spanish. I didnt even realize that I was speaking spanish until he goes, "yeah... thats helpful" and then I was like, oh my gosh I am so sorry. haha
Now, I do have some fun things to say.
I was listening to music from EFY the other day... well we listen to the same thing every day but one of the songs caught my attention. It says something to the effect of things might get rough but just remember that there is someone who loves you more than you could ever know. I got to thinking... because honestly it is so true. Especially in the mission. To be completely honest, it is a whole lot of suck and disappointment every day with the occasional ray of sunshine that makes you see why it is all worth it. I see miracles every day, but believe me when I ay that I have to work really hard to remember the good parts at the end of the day. I love my mission. I love Costa Rica. I love the Ticos. but more days than not, the only thing that gets me through the day is knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me and is proud of me. Knowing that my savior knows exactly how I feel.
I once found a quote in the july 2014 liahona that says something to the effect of or savior was beaten and hated and spit on and many other things to defend the truth, and it is our sacred pleasure to stand by his side and take a beating for what we are sharing.
Next, I just wanted to share this with all of you because a member here that we are teaching drew me a picture of a koala bear and its freaking adorable.

Annnddd... now I am almost out of time because the computer keeps freezing when I try to load pictures, so here is a picture of Yamil's baptism on Saturday. He will kill me for this but I dont really care that much. :)

Here is my companion and I this morning

​The photo in her camera was better but I didn't feel like downloading it
The last photo that my lovely mother is going to insert is of me and 2 members and 1 investigator in the park the other night. dont worry, my companion and another woman are behind the camera :)

Love y'all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

no hay tiempo entonces so hay fotos

Feb 10 14 1.png
we did a service project on Saturday, Chopping weeds with a machete. You talk about work. OH MY GOODNESS! But it was a lot of fun too. My mom has asked me what had been my most significant tender mercy this week and it had to have been the chicharon and yuma we ate after the service project.
Feb 10 15 2.png
Feb 10 15 3.jpg
Feb !0 15 4.jpg

​there is a hill so steep in naranjo that you have to hold on to a rod to climb it. I climbed it just so I could take a picture and say that I did it. :)

Feb 10 15 5.jpg

​The best thing ever is when people walk around wearing shirts with sayings in english and they have no idea what it means. haha

Feb 10 15 6.jpg

​To get a good photo with this family where everyone is paying attention is nearly impossible. This a a family that I have grown to love in these past week here in Grecia. They actually live in another part of our area called Sarchi. Its a complete other city but our area covers a ton of land. They are Lucia, Daniel, Hermana Gibson, Aldeman, David, and Felix. :)

Feb 10 15 8.jpg

​I may not be a professinal but I am pretty sure I won that battle.

I love all of yall.
Until next week


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Goodbye Gaucimo…Hello Grecia

So I am going to be completely honestly when I say that it hurts to write this email. I have been in Guacimo since I got here on August 18th and I love the people there more than I can possibly describe. Its something that unless you have served a mission it is impossible to understand I am pretty sure. I had a feeling this whole week that I was going to have changes so I started telling everyone goodbye. I had time to say bye to everyone that I wanted to but it didn't change the fact that when my zone leaders called me on Sunday in the afternoon I immediately started to cry. I had a feeling of peace in my heart and I know that wherever it is that I go it is because that is where the Lord wants me at that time. I have been so blessed and privileged to serve in Guacimio and work with the people there. It is a place that will have a spot in my heart as long as I live and I am sure after that too. Here are some photos that I took my last day in Guacimo!
Feb 3.jpg
Feb 3 2.jpg

The Elders Black and Dale brought us breakfast for the last time outside of our window on Monday morning. They're seriously the greatest!
Feb 3 3.jpg

Here is Me and Hermana Martinez in the bus on the way to San Jose
Feb 3 4.jpg

We have to go to San Jose to meet our new companions and from there we go to our new areas and what not. So its like a giant meeting of missionaries in Central Park.... and I was the happiest person ever because I got to see 3 of my favorite people!!!
So here is a photo of the crew in San José!
Feb 3 5.jpg

So my new area is Grecia in Alajuela. Its a little bit colder than Guacimo. Haha okay its a lot bit colder than Guacimo. I was dying yesterday... today my companion gave me a sweater to use. But right now, it feels like a nice fall day outside and everyone who has been here a while says that its hot. So Im a little worried to see what the climate is like. It doesn't rain that much so that will be nice. I think. Its a city. Okay really no,but in comparison to where I was before I feel like I live in New York City. There is a mango tree in front of my house and a huge catholic church on the corner. It is soooo pretty. Grecia is definitely a whole lot prettier than where I was before. Today we are in a place called San Ramon and we had to pass through Naranjo to come to our district meeting and the whole 2 hours I was just stunned by how pretty it is here. I can tell that I am going to like it a whole bunch. I dont think I will be seeing any more sloths any time soon but I think that it will be worth it. haha
This is my new companion and I today outside of the church in San Ramon. Her name is Hermana Canales and she is from Hondurus. She is super great and im way excited to work with her. Our branch doesn't have a church building. We meet in a house outside on the lawn. Way cool huh?
Feb 3 6.jpg

Well folks thats about all for now. Here is a photo of the moon last night. There are a LOT of hills in my area. A LOT! I think I am going to be losing some weight here. haha
Feb 3 7.jpg

I love all yall a whole bunch and I hope youre all doing great!
Until next week!

Love ya’ll