Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Best Week Ever and yes I said EVER!

Hello All!

Today I don't have any emails other than my Lala's because she emails me every Sunday. Everyone writes me on Tuesdays and today we start writing on Mondays again so I have time to write a really long big email! I bet you are all so excited! I know I am! 
Plus I have lots of cool things to say!
This week we had a mission conference with ALL of the missionaries in Costa Rica. So cool. There were 2 visiting general authorities, Elder Richard J. Maynes of The Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Kevin R. Duncan of the Seventy. It was so so so cool. I honestly do not know how to describe the incredible spirit that you could feel in the room. We (the sisters who had to sleep in the mission house on Thursday night because our areas are too far away to travel on Friday) decided to get to the church early so that we could get a good seat so we sat on the second bench and it was incredible. I don't think I have ever felt the spirit so strongly before. 
It was also really really cool because we all got to shake their hands. I cried. I won't lie. haha but it was incredible. 
Elder Maynes spoke really well. I wanted to share what he spoke about but I honestly don't think I can do it justice. Actually I know that I can't. Just remember that the habits that we have and the customs we have determine which kingdom of glory we will end up in. If we have celestial habits we will end up in the celestial kingdom... if we have telestial habits.... well I am sure you can imagine. 
Also... the part that I can't not share "No somos perfectos, pero somos dignos"
We are not perfect, but we are worthy. We are worthy of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. While we are not perfect, and in this life will never be perfect, we can be worthy so that the atonement of Christ can make up the difference. 
We were also able to see a lot of really cool miracles this week in our area. I can definitely see the hand of God in the work in this area. 
I got to speak in church yesterday and it was so so cool. I have now realized that it does not matter what language I speak in, I get nervous. I get really hot, nauseous, and start to shake and talk really really fast. But yesterday I think I held it together okay. I was asked to speak on how to find people to teach, so I tried to relate it to the members and not just missionaries, I think I did an okay job. One of members who is part of the district presidency told me that I speak with the spirit and it was really strong. That definitely made me happy. I try to speak in a way that the people can understand (not just because of my broken Spanish) and that I can really get my point across. 
Yesterday we had a lesson with some investigators of the elders and that made us rice and beans. It was super tasty. It made me a little bit home sick.. like my home in limón. Its not just regular rice and beans, its cooked with coconut milk and Panamanian chillies and other wonderful things and it is oh so tasty. We were also making some pastries so here are some pictures of that. 

I definitely know how to cook with fire now. So that's cool. 

The bus always stops at this one place on the way to our area. Its the break at the halfway point of our 5 and a half hour bus ride. The times after I had to go to the bathroom so there wasn't any time to take pictures. This time I deliberately didn't drink any water in the bus for the first half so that I could have time to take pictures. Its sooo pretty!!!!!

There are more photos but I don't have time to put them in there. I also saw monkeys in the trees and baby monkies and what not. They are everywhere in my area. I just don't have a picture. But today I will take a photo. 
I Love you all and hope you have the most wonderful day

Pura Vida
Hermana Gibson

P.S. I now write on Mondays again!!!! YAY

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