Thursday, March 12, 2015

Look who's bald!?!!! Yep… that would be ME!!!

Okay so this week I don't really have a lot of time and I am also really hungry so I probably wont be writing a lot. I am also trying to figure out how in the world I can send pictures because it is not working. :( I think its because this is the first computer ever made and it just isn't capable of doing those future aged things. 
I am really happy. I love my new area and I love my companion a whole bunch.
There is one thing.. we all know how talented I am when it comes to stairs... well there are stairs outside of our apartment so I bet you can guess what has happened a few times. I haven't fell down them yet.. but I have fallen up them a time or 2. oops. but the neighbors get a good laugh at least. ha ha 
Oh my word. I just realized that my camera is downloading all of my photos to the computer that I am using in an Internet cafe... yeah... I'm gonna have to delete those. ha ha 
There are iguanas everywhere in my area. I think I will be getting over my fear of lizards sometime soon. ha ha 
Okay I learning so much and I just wanted to share one thing. One thing that I have learned a lot this week is that we can not ask other people to do things that we ourselves don't do. If we want someone to do something, or change something, then we first have to do it. It reminded me of the Michael Jackson song about the man in the mirror  It says something to the effect of I'm looking at the man in the mirror and asking him to change his ways. It is really so true. I cant ask someone to do something that I don't do. Just a thought. 
I went to get a haircut yesterday and this is what happened when I told the lady "solo los puntos por favor" and she goes "esta bien, solo los puntos" haha so now I'm bald.. but hey... its just hair and it will grow back... i hope 

Also, we had a multi zone conference and it was super awesome. I learned so so so much. Also, my old zone, zone Atlantic was there, and so we took a picture together with the 4 of us who used to be together in Guacimo. The Elders are still there but Hermana Corrales and I are both in Guanacaste now. 
I love these people a whole bunch. 

Yesterday we were cleaning our apartment and I turn around and my companion is just cleaning with a bike helmet on... haha I'm not quite sure why there is a bike helmet when we don't have bikes but okay. 

That's all for now folks!
Remember that I love y'all  but more importantly that your Heavenly Father loves you!

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