Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Address Change AND a Baptism!!!

It’s just a little different but it makes a HUGE difference in getting mail or packages! Please remember it’s 3 stamps for a letter and if you mail a package please ONLY use the US Mail. If you use any other one they will NOT get here. You do have to fill out a customs form Just put missionary supplies on it. Also put pictures or stickers of Mother Mary or Christ. You can print them up off the internet or buy them at the Catholic store. Just be sure you put them on all packages.
Hermana Brooke Dawn Gibson
Mission San Jose, Costa Rica
Apartado postal 249-2010
Zapote, San Jose,
Costa Rica, Centro America

Fabian baptized Jordan. That was definitely the highlight of the week. Oh yeah and when Jordan was confirmed on Sunday.
Jan 27 2 .jpg

​Jesus baptized Paola and it was his first time baptizing so that was way cool. I look a little bit crazy in these photos because I was more than a little bit stressed out but dont worry everything turned out alright.

Here is a picture of a pizza that I made the other night. It has beans and sausage on it. It looks pretty gross but it is actually pretty good. I have learned to eat the strangest things here on the mission. haha but there wasn't any other food and I was super hungry.
Jan 27 3.jpg
Well... I have a massive headache and I’m sick to my stomach so I don't feel like looking at this screen much longer.I’m sorry.  I love Ya’ll. Thank you so much for the support, prayers and love you show me. I’m really sorry this is so short, I just really feel bad.


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