Thursday, January 8, 2015


Today, I don't really have very much to say. We saw a ton of miracles this week and honestly it was a really good week.My companion is doing so much better. thank you for all the prayers. I got an email last week that I was trying to get my mind off of and so I prayed and asked for help and then something else worse happened so I learned that you have got to be specific in your prayers.
So this week I wanted to share a really cool/ interesting experience that I had with yall.
So when I first got to Guacimo,my very first Sunday, I saw this kid... who was probably about 16 years old, and I asked Hermana Corrales "Hey,what's his name?" and she goes "Fabian, why?" and im like... "I love him and I have to protect him" It was honestly the strangest thing in the whole entire world. I had never talked to him before, ever, and I didn't even speak spanish and I had barely laid eyes on this kid for 5 minutes and I just felt this intense sense of protection like he was important to me and I didn't know why.
Since I have been here I have grown to love this kid more than I can possibly understand. I feel like he is my little brother and it is my job to keep him doing the right things. I think y'all have seen a picture of him and I together. One time my bishops wife sent one to my other bishops wife Sister Willden. Hes super pale and got curly hair but only on the top.
Anywho... I had a dream on Wednesday night that I needed to share something with him because he was struggling and to be real honest I kind of flipped out... not because he was struggling but because I had a dream like that, like a dream that tells you when you need to do something, it was so weird. But anyways we were at his aunts house the next day and he lives super close to there so I called him and I was like "Hey what are you doing?" and he goes " I'm eating with some friends at the bus station" and so I kind of hesitated but I asked him if he could come to his aunts house because I needed to talk to him and he goes "Ya casi llego hermana." and all of his friends are like seriously dude you're leaving? and they got mad and I could here them and he just told them that he felt like this was important. So at this point i'm like ohhh.... my... gosh... This is important and I don't know what I am going to share with this kid... Like I have an idea but I don't know what scripture I am going to share. So I said a quick prayer and asked for some guidance and I opened my scriptures and I saw the perfect scripture. So he got there like 10 minutes later. My companion was talking to her family because she didn't get the chance to talk to them on Christmas so we were there for a while. Son anywho... he came in and I could tell that he was in a horrid mood. So I asked him what happened and he goes "nothing" and so i am like "thats a lie. don't you dare lie to me" so he just sits down on the couch and is super quiet. So I asked him to put away his phone and if we could say a prayer. I was like "I know this is weird but I feel like I need to share something with you. I don't know if its going to help me or if its going to help you but one of us is going to benefit from this experience so if you could please take it seriously that would be great" so he said a prayer and I started. I told him about my past, about how I gianed my testimony, about when I was inactive, the whole nine yards. Then I shared Alma 34 32-33 with him. Well actually I asked him to read it and he goes... "am I reading this for me or for you?" and im like "I already read it" so he reads it in silence... and then just sits there. Now comes the part that brought me to tears. I felt the need to ask him why he was baptized, and he told me "because it was true" and then I got real unomfortable... because I was prompted to ask him something else and I did not want to ask him.. I tried so hard not to but you should ALWAYS listen to the spirit. so I asked him "and do you still have a testimony?" and at this point he gets quiet agian and starts to cry... and just shakes his head... and then he looked at me in the eyes and goes... no.
That is exactly the answer that I was afraid of and exactly why I didn't want to ask him. I instantly started to cry. I promised him that if he prayed that night he would feel better and that he would not have these doubts and he promised me that he would pray and then I said a prayer and he left.
I didnt say anything to anyone but my companion because that night I just started to cry because I honestly did not know how I could help this kid. So I prayed and I felt better. The next day he went out with the Elders and they said he was a little down but atleast he went with them. I have seen him since then and I keep asking him how he feels and he keeps telling me that he feels better.
I saw him yesterday because we had a family home evening in his aunts house and he came because he is friends with one of our investigators and I didnt even say anything this time and he goes "hermana, querĂ­a decirle que muchas gracias de verdad. No se como usted sabia que ocupaba ayuda pero de verdad ayudo mucho. Gracias" which in translation means a little something like, "hermana, really, thank you so much. I don't know how you knew that I needed help but it helped a lot. Thank you."
Then his aunt told me "I don't know what you shared with fabi, but thank you. His mom asked me what happened because he came home from my house and was super quiet and just thinking. But now he isn't staying out late and he hasn't been hanging out with this girl and he is being nice to everyone and he is a completely different person. So whatever it was, it worked"
I didnt know that those things had been happening. Had I known, I would have yelled at him for it a long time ago.
I only share this experience because I want to put an emphasis on one thing. Listen to the spirit. It will never lie to you. Listen to what it tells you. Had I not, I dont know what would have happened. I dont know why I feel so strongly that I need to protect fabian, but I get the feeling we were really good friends in the pre existence.
I know that inspiration still exists and that it is a real thing. I am grateful for this experience because it not only helped him but it strengthened my testimony.
I love this country, I love this work, I love the people here and I love all of yall.
Hermana Gibson

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