Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A sloth and I...

Sooo.... hows it going??? Good I hope. This week I have an embarrassing experience and I hope you all get a good laugh. So we are teaching Jordan again, I'm not quite sure if I ever told y'all about him, but he was progressing and he went to all of General Conference in October but we then stopped teaching him for some reason but he is getting baptized this Saturday(fingers crossed). But anyhow he has a strange crush on me and its super strange because I have so much love for this kid but I also want to run away and hide everytime he comes near. haha but anyhow, we teach him outside at his house and there are these benches made out of logs. So the other day we went and I sat in the middle of the bench and put my backpack beside me so that there was no room for anyone to sit down too... but he comes and sits down super close to me, so then I scooted farther away, and he scooted closer, and I scooted farther away and so on and so forth. Now comes the good part. I knew I was getting close to the end of the bench so I looked and there wasn't any more bench left, and I didn't know how to react. So I just kind of sat there with this look or terror I am sure on my face. It was super funny because Fabian and another young woman were with us and when we were leaving Fabian goes... uhhh you were so uncomfortable and im like HECK YEAH I WAS!!!!
I love this kid so  much honestly, but I don't know what I am supposed to do so I just get really uncomfortable.
Jan 20 3.jpg

​he lives on this farm thing and there are pineapple growing and it was waaayyyy coool!!!! I didn't use to like pineapple but it is something I have grown to love here and I have been wanting to see one forever and I never noticed these before. My companion noticed them and I kind of freaked out. haha

Then we had an experience that I really want to share with everyone. It is something that has taught me alot over the past 2 days. So, we had an investigator and she told us that she prayed and God told her that she should get baptized, it was a very clear answer and she knew thats what was right. So we were super excited, and we have been working with her ever since and she was progressing really really well. On Sunday when we went to get her for church she said that she wasn't going, even though we walked 45 minutes to bring her there and it was hot and it was raining. So we went to visit her after church and she goes, I have to tell yall something, and were like uh oh... ummm okay what is is? She then proceeds to tell us that God told her she should get baptized but then she talked to her pastor and she said that she shouldn't get baptized because that would be playing with the things of God because it says you can only be baptized one time.
So I learned 2 things. First of all, no where in the bible does it say that you can only be baptized one time end of story. It you are baptized by the authority of God, which is the priesthood and only in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints then yes, only one time. It is like saying if you are driving faster than the speed limit and the ice cream truck driver pulls you over and tries to write you a ticket, you and I both know that you aren't going to pay it, because he doesn't have the authority to do that, but it a police man pulls you over you should probably pay the ticket. It doesnt matter how many tickets the ice cream truck driver writes you, if he doesn't have the authority to write you a ticket that isn't going to change with the amount of tickets he writes. Also, there is a story in the acts where there are a bunch of people who get baptized but they don't receive the gift of the holy ghost so they have to get baptized again and receive the gift of the holy ghost.
Second, I have learned from this experience that you should never ever ever place more importance on what a person says than on what God says. We always ask people to pray, that is because we know that people can lie, and only God has all of the answers and is never going to lie to you. Its like if I ask you if you want me to cut your grass and you tell me yes, but then I ask your neighbor if I should cut your grass and he says no so I dont cut it. Why the heck did I ask you if I wasn't going to do what you tell me to. If we pray and ask God something, we should act upon what he tells us to do. If we don't then what is the sense in praying?

Here is a picture of a sloth that we saw... It was raining so it was soaking wet. I touched it. :) usually they have their babies on their stomachs but this one didn't. We saw one that had its baby the other day but I didn't have my camera with me. After I touched it, it started to "run" away. they don't really move very fast so that it what the second picture is. Me and the sloth.
Jan 20 2.jpg
Jan 20.jpg

One Last Thing!
I want to say a big ole huge FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS to my baby brother who isn't so much a baby anymore. David, I love you a whole whole whole whole bunch! I hope you have the greatest day ever!!!!!!

I think thats about all for today.

I love yall

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  1. Amen to Sister Gibson! I hope the investigator figures this out and blesses her life with the Gospel. Love the sloth pics!!!