Monday, July 13, 2015

It's been a while!

Howdy friends, 

Its been a while since I have last written to everyone. I have been super busy and I hope that you can all forgive me. I love you all so much.
New things:
I had changes, I'm in Ojo de Agua. Its actually a little bit confusing. My area is part of a provincia Alajuela, but in everything that has to do with the church it is part of Heredia. So my area is actually in San Rafeal de Alajuela, but its called Ojo de Agua, heredia. Interesting. It is still taking me some time to get used to. 
I was really, really, REALLY sad to leave Santa Cruz. I love that place so so so much and all of the people there. I know that Presidente Zeledon is going to read this so I just wanted to say that I love you and thank you so much for everything. You guys are the greatest. :)
I cried a whole bunch leaving. I honestly thought that it was a joke when my zone leader called to tell me that I had changes. I honestly did not believe him. But then he told me that it was real and I got really, really sad. 
However, I love my new area. It is cold. Well, colder than any other place that I have been this past year of my life. haha The people are super loving and welcoming. I don't have hot water. its super cold and the water is super cold. but i have heard it is good for your skin and hair so I guess it works out well. hahaThe son of Bishop Crawford (from Guacimo) is in my ward so it makes me feel right at home. Also, I share an area with Elder Dale again, so its pretty much like we are living in Guacimo but in a rather large city now. I am also in the same district as Hermana Walfield so I get to see her every monday and every tuesday. So Exciting! Also, fun fact, after not seeing the temple for more than 6 months, I get to see it every monday and tuesday and it makes me the happiest person on planet earth.
I was going to send lots of pictures but I didnt bring my camera cable and there is just one problem... I can't stick my memory card directly into the computer in this place and I didn't know that. So I have no way of sending photos this week. But I have lots that I wanted to send. oops. 
This week I passed the 1 year mark in the missinon. How old am I? Wow. I can NOT believe that I have been here this long. Its crazy.We bought pizza to celebrate. :)
My companion is Hermana Gutierrez. She is Mexican and adorable. She only has about 2 and a half months in the mission so she is still a little shy but she is so ready to work and is super excited to learn new things. I love her a whole bunch and I am really excited to be able to work with her. 
Well, thats all for now. 
I will send some pictures next week, if I can find my camera cord. 
Have a great week. Remember that you are loved.
Hermana Gibson 

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  1. Great letter--she is going to be a tough cookie when she gets home, no hot water, ugh! What a sweetie.