Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello!!! Pictures two weeks in a row!

Okay family! I don't have much time but I have lots of things that I wanted to say! First of all Limon is now officially a Stake as of yesterday and Guanacaste as of 2 weeks ago!!! To see the fulfilment of all of the efforts in those 2 places makes me so so so happy! I love Limon and Guanacaste with all of my heart and I cried last week and yesterday when I realized that they are now stakes. 
Also, yesterday in church a sister gave a talk and it impacted me a whole bunch. She said, YOU CANT LOVE WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW. It makes a whole lot of sense. If we don't know our Heavenly Father and our Savior, we cant love them. So we have to do the thing that are necessary to get to know them so that we can love them in the way that they love us. 
Here are some photos! Have a great Week!
​President & Hermana Laboriel came to work with us for a day, so that was fun. We took a picture. This is inside our church building.

I love these precious girls with all of my heart! They are like sisters that I never had. 

​And here we are eating some Mexican 
food last Monday

We went to the Temple on Wednesday to pick up President and Hermana Laboriel so the gates were open and I took a picture! I love the temple! 


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