Wednesday, May 27, 2015

True Happiness!!!

Today I have various things that I would like to share. I would like to start with an embarrassing experience of the week. The other day we went to the store to buy some food to cook for lunch. It is like a corner store so its not that far. So when we got there, my loving companion starts laughing and tells me that my zipper on my skirt is wide open, so I'm like okay, ill just shut it, then i realize that the zipper is not open, that is has broken and i cant shut it. So I just untucked my shirt. That wasn't the bad part, the bad part is that when we were walking up the driveway to our house I stepped in a diaper full of baby poop and it smeared everywhere. It was gross but I just kind of laughed it off. 
It is something that I have been working on here these past few weeks. If it isn't going to effect me in the long run of life, there isn't really a reason to get mad about it. It might suck in the moment, but in reality, stepping in a poopy diaper is not going to change my life in some terrible and unalterable way. 
Next I would like to share a picture of a wasp nest invasion that we had. The build their nest on the bottom of a light bulb on the patio and so when I turned on the light to wash some clothes they got really really angry and tried to kill me. So I slammed the door shut and screamed for a good 5 minutes. The worst part was that all of my underclothes were hanging on the line drying and the started to land on those and oh it was terrible, I was just standing inside watching from a window. In the morning they had all gone. But when we got back from the store, the same time that I stepped in the diaper, I went outside to wash my shoes in the sink outside and they had come back!!! So I quickly and courageously pulled all of my clothes inside and then slammed the door shut again and called the elders freaking out. My companion was really calm, but I thought that I might die. She gets that way when we see a scorpion in the house. So the elders came over with plastic bags on their heads and killed them with soapy water, but it took about 20 minutes worth of planning to figure out what to do. It was a good laugh at the end of it all. 

Obviously we couldn't do anything to help them because we cant be in our house at the same time as them so we just stood outside the front door, laughed, and took pictures. It was a good time. 

Next I would like to share a funny experience.. I was on divisions and we visited a lady who has been a member for a really long time. We asked her the very simple question, "Who appeared to Joseph Smith?" and she thinks for quite a while and then responds rather slowly but firmly, "Moses". I almost died. I don't think I have ever had to control my laughter like that in my whole situation. I'm pretty sure it was the funniest thing I have heard thus far. 
The next thing that I would like to share is a spiritual experience that we had with one of our investigators named Gandy. I love her and her family so much. Remember the guy that we celebrated with a cake when he lost his job? Its his wife. So we were having a lesson with just her and we invited her to pray again and ask if the Book of Mormon is true and she just gets really quiet and says with such assurity, " I don't need to pray again, I am completely sure that it is true. It is impossible that any man could write a book of this capacity.I know for sure that this is all write"
It just confirmed my testimony once again that this is where I need to be and the The Lord is preparing people every day and in every part of this earth to be ready to receive this gospel. 
I love this work, I know that this is the Lord's work. I know that this is the Lord's church. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that He loves me. 
I love all y'all.
Have a week filled with miracles. 
 Hermana Gibson
Aka Brooke =)

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