Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Surprise Baptism!

So I don't really know where to start. This week has been rather interesting. We had interviews with President Wilkinson and that was so wonderful. After having that interview I usually just feel really drained spiritually. 
This week has been full of miracles and I am so pleased to be able to share with you the photo of the most surprising baptisms that I have had to date. 
His name is Antonio but he calls himself Samuari... Hes pretty hilarious. He was going to get baptized, but then he went on vacation to Guadalupe for a few weeks and we thought that he was never going to come back. But he magically came home on Wednesday so on Thursday we went to go visit him and we asked him what he was going to to on Sunday and he goes, "I'm going to church, and I'm going to bring my white underwear so that I can get baptized" and we were like oh my gosh!!!! What blessing! It was seriously the coolest thing ever. This man is wonderful, truly one of the Lords chosen people. When we talked about the Book of Mormon he read only 2 verses and started to cry and said that this book is something marvelous and I love it, thank you for helping me find it. Also, when we explained the priesthood and the keys and what not he asked who holds the keys, and when we told him the prophet he goes " I need to get me a copy of them keys" It was the coolest thing ever when we told him that he would soon have his own pair. 
So we called up the district leader and that we needed him to come to a lesson with us but when he got there we just told him to chat and then Antonio asks him "Can you give me a baptismal interview? i would like to get baptized tomorrow" the look on his face was priceless. So he did it. Then we told him not to tell the Zone Leaders because we wanted it to be a surprise. So on Saturday we had the baptism and then in the night time we called them and told them that we had a huge miracle to share with them and they were like what is it? So when we told them that "today we had a baptism" they almost peed their pants. It was wonderful!
So here is the picture. This is all I have time to write! I love you all!

Hermana Brooke

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