Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oct 27, 2014, No time and I have so much to say.

Ahh... well.. we had changes.. and we survived again, I’m not quite sure why but this is what the lord wants and needs so we will be together for another 4 weeks. Honestly I am super grateful and I am definitely not complaining.
Okay moving on,
Karen was baptized! This is honestly the things that I have been waiting to say since we met her. We worked SO HARD for this baptism. Honestly. Her date fell twice and then she refused to accept another fecha and oh my gosh literal blood, sweat, and tears, all 3 went into getting her to the waters of baptism. I cried when she was baptized and it was honestly so great but she didn't want to take a picture with everyone so I have a nice selfire for yall.
Embarrassing moment of the week... I lost our cell phone. This isn't actually that embarrassing but the other one was pretty bad and I dont want to tell yall about it. haha So we were in a taxi and I left it in the taxi and I realized literally not even 5 minutes later that it was gone and yeah... no podemos encontrarlo. so I have to pay for another one. oops.
I am just going to send a bunch of pictures because I don't have any time.
I love all of yall so much! I love my Savior and I love my mission!
Pura Vida


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