Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Howdy From Costa Rica! I love this place!!!

Bueno. Today's email is going to be rather short. I know I say that a lot but this time its true. haha 
Not much happened this week. 
Embarrassing moment: We were in San José because I had to go there and do my fingerprints on miercoles so that I don't get deported and what not.. you know the basics... and anyhow we had to go to the office when i finished and then we were walking to the bus stop after the meeting in the office and i tried to walk one direction but hna corrales wanted me to walk with her and so i did and then boom, the next thing I know it my legs are going in 3 different directions and I cant grab on to anything because there was a brick wall next to me and hna corrales on the other side. I thought I got it and I wasn't going to fall but nope. haha. I fell pretty hard. It didn't even hurt because I was pretty embarrassed. There were 2 elders walking in front of us that I don't know that well and I guess they heard me scream and they come running back and are like hermana hermana are you okay and in my head I'm like yeah I'm fine... its only my pride that is hurt. haha so I get up and walk about 50 feet back to the office and I am covered in mud. I was wearing a long dress that is black and white and it was just covered in mud from head to toe, so I am like washing my dress in the sink outside the office... needless to say it was a bit embarrassing... right as I fall Elder Chub calls us to ask us to buy him something and hermana corrales tells him that I fell so we will call him back. Well when I call him back he asks me if I fell and I'm like well yeah... he then proceeded to ask me if it was my first time actually falling falling for real and I'm like well yeah.. and he says: Que Tuaniesfelicidades Hermana, ya usted es una misionera... and I'm just like... thanks. fue super divertido
anyhow, I dont really have much else to say.
However, we are trying to get this film meet the Mormons to come to Costa Rica so if you could all click on the button thingy, that my lovely peach of a mother is going to make clickable I am absolutely sure of it ;) and request it to come to Costa Rica that would be great. where it says Zip Code you can put Límon or whatever other province. Or San José. or whatever. 
Okay, really I just want to say one more thing. I love my mission and I love this country. I had an interview with president this week and i told him that i honestly have so much fear for when i finish my mission and go home because I know things and I can feel things that I have never felt before. I feel so close to my savior and I never want this feeling to end. 
Also, I learned something this week. Everyone has a story. Everyone is who they are because of their story and their history. I am who I am because of my story, Hna Corrales is who she is because of her story, and the same goes for every single missionary but not just missionaries for every single person. So before you judge someone you should probably get to know them first.
I have pictures but I don't really feel like connecting my camera. In reality there is only one of me eating at Taco Bell. I didn't know how to say no sour cream because nobody knows how to say sour cream so needless to say it wasn't that tasty.
Pura Vida

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