Monday, August 25, 2014

Mi primero semana in Costa Rica!

Hola Y´all! 

So I am in Costa Rica! My area is a place called Guácimo. I am only the third hermana in this area because it is a little bit on the dangerous side, but I love it here so much! The people here are so great! I feel like I have so much to say and only an hour to say it! So this will be pretty scatter brained as usual! I also have a ton of photos to send. 
So I guess I should start with Monday since that is the day we got here. We went to the Temple right after we got off of the plane and it was beautiful! On the way there I realized that in the city Costa Rica is a lot like America. 
Then on Tuesday we did paperwork for imigration and what not and went on splits with the missionaries in the city. That was fun, I talked to people on the bus and what not. Not very well but my spanish is getting so much better. I didnt realize how fast it was going to come. 
On Wednesday we went to the presidents house and had breakfast and it was supper tasty and we got our companions and our areas! My companion is Hermana Corrales. She is from Costa Rica in San José. I love her so so much. She speaks almost perfect english so when I dont know a word she can help me out but at the same time she tries to speak mostly spanish because it helps me learn. 
We ate so much food that day! I had a hard time keeping it all down. I am going to be so fat when I leave here because you literally have to eat it all because it is rude to not. 
On Thursday we went right to work. I just want to say that I love my mission and my area and the people her so so so much! It was a little bit frustrating at first that I didn´t understand very much but now I understand mostly everything and when I dont I just ask. We went to a baptism the other day, that was an amazing experience.
Yesterday we had 6 investigators at church and that was super great! 
The rain here is unreal. I am in the rainforest... so it rains a lot. A LOT! The dirt is also unreal. I know that y'all probably do not want to see a picture of my feet but I am going to send one anyway. Hna Corrales thought that it was a tan line... but nope. Dirt. From a few hours. 
Our shower is cold. Always. There is no such thing as hot water in my area. Hermano Thorsen... you said that the Hermanas always have hot water... we dont.
There is a rooster that wakes us up every morning at around 4:45 when the sun starts to come up. The sun comes up around 5 and goes down around 5:30. There are parts of our area... in fact most of our area that if we are there after dark we have to call a taxi to take us home. 
We have to do this thing called LPE which is when we talk to people and share something with them and ask if we can teach them more and oh my gosh at first that was so hard but today I have done 3 by myself. One I am a little less proud of because it was an english speaking family that lives here so I spoke in english to them but I did get their number and we are going to call them. 
Everyone here has chickens... and dogs are everywhere
I only have 10 more minutes and I need to upload photos so I just want to say that today we went to a water fall and it was super super awesome. The man is my branch president in the picture. Other than that y'all should know that I love it here! You can use dear elder but it takes a month to get to me so Email is better!
I love all of y'all!

 Hermana Gibson

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