Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Semana 5

Were out of here in like 4 days!!! Can you believe it? We got our travel plans last Friday and we are leaving here at 4:35 on Monday  to go up to Salt Lake City where we will fly to Atlanta and then to San Jose! I can't wait!!! 
Okay so embarrassing moment of the week: While at main campus for Devotional on Sunday night I was looking at this random Elder's name tag and I just couldn't understand it. So since he is staring at me like I am crazy because I am staring at him I say "Elder, What language is that?" and he says really confused "um...English?" I felt my face turn red and all I could do was say "oh."  and walk away really quickly while my whole entire district was behind me dying laughing.
This email is a little bit scatter brained but that is because I am a little bit scatter brained right now. Haha 
Oh yeah! I have been getting this Elder from main campus' Dear Elders for the past few weeks and he has been getting mine too, so we have to keep sending them to each other. I wrote his Grandma Cookie a letter and she wrote me back and she sent me stamps to say thank you. But anyhow, last night at devotional I saw an Elder Gibson sitting right behind me and he had a Chinese name tag so I was like "Oh my gosh! Are you the one that has been getting my mail?" and his whole district freaked out and was like "No WAY! You're Hermana Gibson? We feel like we know you so well!" It was crazy because it was almost like this little reunion of our districts meeting each of us even though to our knowledge we have no relation what so ever and have never met before. It was great!
THE PILLOW ROOM! I feel like I just have to tell you about it, because it was the best thing ever and because there was a picture. On our last day of service on Friday we got to go to the pillow room. Let me tell you about this room. It is a room about the size of a bedroom filled floor to ceiling with pillows. There are 289 pillows in this room and we got to go in there and jump around for like 5 minutes. It was so so so so so great. I have decided I want one of those in my house when I am married. 
So an item of business- Please don't send anymore dear elders after Friday afternoon at noon because I will not get them. You can still use dear elder and it will still be free but we don't get them on Saturdays or Sundays and we will be in the air somewhere over the gulf of Mexico on Monday when it comes time to get them. Next P-day I will ask my companera what the info for Dear Elder is while we are in Costa Rica and I will send it so that y'all can continue using that.
We did have a really cool devotional last night form Elder Evans of the 70. He spoke for what seemed like forever! He went like half an hour over on time! One quote he said stuck out to me and I wanted to share it and a quick testimony about it. He said that we first start to understand the atonement when we start to believe that it is true. About a year ago I started down a long road to repentance. The repentance process is exactly that, it is a process and it is not an easy one, but who are we to expect that it should be easy when the savior went through all he did for us? Anyhow, I didn't really understand the gravity of the atonement for a while. I understood the enabling power pretty well, but the redeeming power was still a little bit foggy for me. I don't know exactly the words that I want to use here so it is taking me a little bit longer than I would like it too and I don't have very much time left.I guess I will just say that what Elder Evans said is very true. I first started to understand the atonement once I started to believe that it was possible. I do not understand how the atonement works. I don't know how it is possible. I have no earthly idea how it works, and one day I will know, but today is not that day and tomorrow is probably not that day either. However with that being said, even though I don't know the logistics of how it is possible for one man to atone for the sins of every single person to ever grace the face of the earth I know that it is possible and for that I am forever grateful. 

I love you all so so so much!

The next time I write I will be in Costa Rica!

Hermana Gibson

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