Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Worlds Best Mission!

So I am writing a tad bit late. We had to take care of some stuff so we didn't quite get to use all of our internet time but its all good. 
I had quite a bit that I wanted to share but now I don't really remember what it all was. This week was full of miracles and I am literally on cloud nine. I am so happy and I love missionary work. 
My mom sent me this quote from conference today and I super liked it so I wanted to share it with you all. 

I wanted to share an embarrassing experience that I had this week. Its probably one of the best ones yet. So we are sitting on a bus, and its about an hour long bus ride, and we were about 25 minutes in and Hermana Garcia was talking to me about some wedding plans for this Saturday so obviously I am paying a whole lot of attention. Well, our window is open but the curtain was pulled shut so you cant see outside or so the sun cant get inside and this gigantic trĂ¡iler comes by and honks right as it passes our window, and I screamed really loudly. At first I thought that nobody heard me because of how loud the truck horn was but then THE ENTIRE BUS started laughing... The whole bus. Not even one person was not laughing at me. I am positive that I turned red and I just kind of sunk down in my seat and died a little bit on the inside. 
I don't have any pictures this week because we aren't in Santa Cruz and I didn't bring my camera cord with me to upload them. So actually I guess there are pictures, I just cant send them today. 
This week has definitely been a testimony builder. I have been able to see The Lords hand in his work more times than I can count this week. I am incredibly and privileged to be a part of this great work. 
Welp, that's really all I've got! 
Have a great week y'all!
Hermana Gibson

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  1. I really enjoy your posts, Brooke. I am so proud of you and happy that I found you and your family.