Monday, October 19, 2015

I love being a sister missionary! (Several Pictures)

Hello everyone! 
This is just going to be a quick email to say how grateful I am for this wonderful work and the opportunity that I have to be a part of it.
My zone is wonderful and on Tuesday they had me a surprise "party" it was as much of a party as we can have as missionaries. =)
Here are some fotos. 

They blindfolded me and it was fun! I was completely unaware that these fotos were being taken. haha. I didn't see them until later!
There were balloons!

​and cake!

I hope ya'll have a blessed day and a fantastic week! 
Love all ya'll

Hermana Gibson

PS here are the pictures that didn't attach last week
My Bishop and his family. 

A silly picture with a super cute little girl! I love her! Its one of my birthday scarfs you sent me Momma. 

I got to hold a boa. She almost ate me so I kindly and calmly have her back to her owner. HAHA

I got to hold this super cute hedgehog.Thats not me holding it there but I want one now!

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