Wednesday, February 11, 2015

no hay tiempo entonces so hay fotos

Feb 10 14 1.png
we did a service project on Saturday, Chopping weeds with a machete. You talk about work. OH MY GOODNESS! But it was a lot of fun too. My mom has asked me what had been my most significant tender mercy this week and it had to have been the chicharon and yuma we ate after the service project.
Feb 10 15 2.png
Feb 10 15 3.jpg
Feb !0 15 4.jpg

​there is a hill so steep in naranjo that you have to hold on to a rod to climb it. I climbed it just so I could take a picture and say that I did it. :)

Feb 10 15 5.jpg

​The best thing ever is when people walk around wearing shirts with sayings in english and they have no idea what it means. haha

Feb 10 15 6.jpg

​To get a good photo with this family where everyone is paying attention is nearly impossible. This a a family that I have grown to love in these past week here in Grecia. They actually live in another part of our area called Sarchi. Its a complete other city but our area covers a ton of land. They are Lucia, Daniel, Hermana Gibson, Aldeman, David, and Felix. :)

Feb 10 15 8.jpg

​I may not be a professinal but I am pretty sure I won that battle.

I love all of yall.
Until next week


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