Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Meet my new Companion! =)

So this week was rather crazy. First of all.... Bridget was baptized! She is the daughter of Karen who was baptized in October but she couldn't get baptized because she was only 7. Well she turned 8 on the 4th and had her baptism on Saturday. We had a really rough experience with her family the night of her baptism and we were convinced that there was no way she would be at church to be confirmed on Sunday but when we got to church there she was. Not her whole family but her and her sister Brittany were there and she was confirmed. We haven't been back to her house yet but we are going there today and honestly I love this family so so much and I just hope that they will accept us.
We had a lot of eating to do because everyone knew that it is the last sunday for Hermana Corrales and she was here for 9 months so everyone and their brother loves her. I love her a ton too. So the way that ticos show their love is por medio de comida.
Sunday night we went to the Christmas devotional and it was super great. I loved it. Honestly the first time I ever saw it was last year and I honestly love it so so much. I was super happy. The rule was that if we brought an investigator we could come
While we were on our way to Guapiles to watch it they called us and gave us the changes. Hermana Corrales went to Belin, the area where the Temple is here and my new companion's name is Hermana Martinez. She is from Honduras and she is 23. She is super strong in the gospel to be here. She has only been a member for 2 years and she has been on her mission for a almost a year now. I am going to place a photo here... but remember that this is after a LONG day of travel and playing soccer in the rain and we were both really tired. haha

Dec 9 2914.jpg

Next, watch this video. I love it.

I love you all a whole bunch and I am super excited because we get to go to the Temple next week. Have a great week and dont forget that you are always always more powerful than Satan.

Hermana Gibson

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