Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What time is it?!?! Tamale time!!!

Hola Familia.

So this week I am actually going to write quite a bit... okay well I have a lot that I want to write but that doesn’t mean that I will have time to write it all.
For starters... I killed a chicken, and then pulled the feathers out, and then cleaned it, and then the member cooked it and I ate it! And guess what... it was way tasty and SO COOL!
This week I wanted to share something about fasting, but first I wanted to get all of the other fun stuff out of the way because fasting is something that I take seriously... and I also have some other serious things to say. Soo...
Embarrassing moment of the week... well..so we were outside and we were walking and there were a ton of mosquitos and I had been talking to someone and hna corrales was behind me talking to the husband of this lady and I turned around and saw a mosquito on this person who I honestly didn’t even realize wasn’t my companion and I just smacked the heck out of this giant mosquito and it was this grown man... it definitely took some explaining... haha
Okay... does anyone know what time it is??? Tamale time! I am so so so excited and worried at the same time. But lets be real, tamales are soooo tasty.
Today is hna corrales' birthday, so we are going to crack eggs on her head here in just a little while. I’m actually very excited. Tomorrow we have to go to San Jose for a multi zone meeting so that will be fun. Today we went to this world wide university call La Earth and the only thing you can study there is agriculture... but it is honestly one of the most beautiful things I have seen since I got here. I mean yeah I live in arguably the most beautiful country in the world but today was crazy beautiful... there is a banana factory there and a bunch of sports courts, so we went and played soccer and volleyball and just kind of walked around for a while. It was great. We went as a district.
Now... I am going to start with a word of advice for all Latter Day Saints. Be careful the way that you act and represent yourself. You not only represent yourself but the church and the gospel in every moment. I promise you that people are watching. I personally know that I have a friend, who because of the way that I acted when I was younger wants nothing to do with the church. I promise you that it does not feel good. I know that I will have to answer for that when judgement day comes and the fact that she does not want to listen to the missionaries and the gospel that I know to be the only true and living gospel on the face of the earth because I was stupid kills me. So just be careful with the way you present yourself. When I was younger I thought that nobody was watching me and that even if they were it didn’t matter because I didnt have that strong of  a testimony but I promise you that it sucks and that it does matter. I wasn’t awful but bad enough to turn her off.
Next I wanted to talk about fasting and how much my testimony of that has grown in the past few months. We fast every week and I can honestly see the miracles every single time that we fast. Every day we have miracles but when we are fasting it is crazy evident that the Lord is helping us. If you can, I encourage you to fast every fast Sunday.
Also, I found a quote that I wanted to share with yall.
There is neither man nor woman in this church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live the principles that they may obtain eternal life. - Brigham Young

Love yall

P.S. Noticia! We now will write on Tuesdays from now on. Just so everyone can know!

Fuzzy pic sorry! 

Tamale Time =)

Yes that's blood on my hand LOL

Nuestra Districto

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