Friday, July 18, 2014

Semana Uno!

Hello World!

It is finally p-day! Which for me means that is has been a whole week! I love the MTC so much! It is crazy it feels like I got here just yesterday, the time is flying by so fast. Today we got a fresh batch so we are no longer the newest missionaries here which feels great! My companion is Hermana Yardley. She is from Willard, UT. She is pretty great. We have gotten along pretty well. We do have very differing personalities so it is sometimes hard but we have to live with each other for 6 weeks so we are making it work.
The espanol is coming along great! Estoy la reina de spanglish! I can now pray and testify and plenty of other things. I am not fluent yet but give me 5 months and I think I will be good. If I had to go there right now I am not sure how I would fair but in 5 weeks I think that I should be okay.
We are teaching an "investigator" named Carlos. He doesn't speak English so we obviously have to teach him in Spanish. It usually goes pretty well. Yesterday when he said the prayer at the beginning of the lesson he asked to be able to know if baptism is right for him which made me and mi companera so happy! Carlos is actually our next teacher. He is Hermano Turner's cousin. Hermano Turner is our teacher right now and he is going to be our next investigator. They will be switching on Thursday.
We are on the west campus which is so nice. The food is better at the main campus but we live in apartments and our classrooms are apartments as well so it is nice an homey. On the main campus there are 6 girls in one dorm style room and there are community showers but we have a 2 bedroom apartment and we have our own bathroom and kitchens and what not. We aren't aloud to cook but that's okay. We went to the main campus for the first time today after we went to the temple and I now understand why people get so fat at the MTC. There is SO MUCH FOOD there. Here at the west campus we have 2 options and a salad bar. Which is nice so we don't gain a ton of weight. I did however make one mistake. I don't know exactly how many people told me not to drink the orange juice but including people at home and people here it was probably around 20 and what did I do? Yep. I drank the orange juice. If you are coming to the MTC any time soon please please please just take my advice and do not do it. I promise that you are not immune to it and I promise that you will be in the bathroom ALL day after you drink it. Seriously.
My district is so amazing! There is one more companionship of hermanas and we live with them and then there are 6 elders. I love all of them so much! Its crazy how close we have gotten over the past week. If you saw us together you would think that we all have been friends for years. All of the Elders are 18 and they just graduated from high school so they are a tad off the wall but they are still so great.
A ton of people have asked about how Sundays work. We have branches and let me just say that I am in the greatest branch on earth. No but really. We are the 149th branch and no other greater number exists in all of the church. We have a district meeting in the morning and then we go to Relief Society with the whole west campus. It is broadcast from the main campus so that is way cool . Then after that we go to sacrament meeting which is in a tiny classroom with about 30 people including our branch presidency. Every week we have to write a 3 minute talk in Spanish and be prepared to give it. They don't tell you that you are speaking until the announce it during the meeting.
The Provo temple opened on Monday so we got to go for our first p-day today and that was super awesome! Also, I have run into 3 girls who I know so that makes me so happy! I got to see Brea (Sister Peterson) yesterday night at the devotional and today at lunch. I have been looking for her since I got here so it made me so happy!
One short plea: please please please send me mail! Mail time is the best time of the day and I never ever get any. Dear Elder is the best thing. If you send it before noon then it gets delivered on the same day! And on that note! You can send food through Dear Elder too! If you send it before noon it doesn't go bad. Mi companera's aunt sent the whole district sticky buns from a bakery around here and it was so great! So if any of y'all find it in you heart to send a cheesecake to my district through dear elder that would be the best thing in the whole entire world. One of the Elders has never had one and plus it just sounds super good!
I love my mission so much already! I have such an immense love for the people of Costa Rica. I can't wait to go there. 5 weeks seems like so long but I know that it will go by so fast. The gift of tounges is so real. I promise. I pray for it every single prayer and I know for a fact that it is real. Without it I wouldn't be able to do half the things I am doing here. I KNOW that this is the true church. There is no doubt in my mind. You wouldn't think that it is possible but my testimony has grown so much this past week and I can't wait to see what these next 18 months have in store for me!
Keep me updated on your lives so I don't feel completely lost when I get home in January of 2016.

I love you all so so so much!
Hermana Gibson

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